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Releasing myself from the Burden of “To Do”

My to-do list is a mile long. I’d like to think I’m joking, but I’d be nervous to test. I’ve deeply internalized the idea that happiness comes after all the “stuff”. After all the cleaning. And the organizing. And the scheduling. That, somehow, after I do all of that, the time for leisure and love… Continue reading Releasing myself from the Burden of “To Do”

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Everything’s coming up…Calphalon?

So I went a little disappear-y on y’all. For good reason though! Shiny new apartment!!! Which meant that I had to go forth and BUY ALL THE THINGS!!! That’s right. That is FOUR full bags from the Calphalon outlet. I bought everything. So, now I have a fully stocked kitchen. I bought some silverware and… Continue reading Everything’s coming up…Calphalon?

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welcome to the dark side

Last July, I woke up with a whooshing sound in my head. Several doctors appointments, hearing tests, pokes, and prods later, I had a piece of paper with the words ‘Ménière’s disease’ and ‘serialized allergy testing’ written in almost illegible doctor’s scrawl. And then began the real poking. Serialized allergy testing involves not only testing… Continue reading welcome to the dark side